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Ranger Station Exhibit

One of Arizona's oldest standing ranger stations is now open to the public. The ranger station dates back to the early 1900s.  We believe it to be the oldest Forest Ranger Station in existence in the Southwest.

In the early years the property's buildings comprised the ranger station, the ranger's residence (used as the Museum Gift Shop) and a barn for horses and mules.

In 1981, the Northern Gila County Historical Society embarked on a quest to get the Forest Service land and existing buildings from the federal government. Letters sent to Senators Dennis DeConcini and Barry Goldwater, and House Member Eldon Rudd got the request entered into the Congressional Record.  They signed the property over to the Historical Society in 1986.  Since gaining the property, the Northern Gila County Historical Society has carefully preserved many items from the days when the ranger station was in use.

Payson Forest Ranger Station
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